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  • Paint your inner landscape If you become empowered with the totality of LOVE that is present within your own heart, and engulfed totally and completely by universal LOVE, you are able Paint your inner landscape to love everything about yourself to such an extent that there is no negativity pouring out from you. (Dr. Mansukh Patel) In this art therapy retreat we can experience that making art can be a powerful bridge and catalyst in communication and understanding of one another. As we work in small groups we can use this powerful bridge in the form of exploring yourself, interactions and relationships, as it is indirect and less threatening. We will work through the experience in a creative way by Painting you inner landscape, where your reactions, unconscious dynamics and emotions can be expressed and released! The following step is making masks! Masks are a bridge between you and your spirit. Creating one is an act of power. Wearing one and speaking through it can reveal inner knowledge and wisdom. Masks can hide and protect or they can reflect the truth! They can help one unveil the true self, to discover the mystery and power of your soul essence. In different cultures masks are the symbols for changing identities, metaphors for trusting our own deepest guidance and intuition. Masks making can help you in gathering strength, courage and energy. They can help you to melt blocks and old ways of being and thinking that keep you from moving forward. Then we move on to Paint your inner landscape in your future. This is about how you want to be. Here we will use the “law of attraction” in a positive way in respect to universal love, this will give you the tools to help you change your life. In the very last step of this wonderful creative workshop we make a mandala. Mandala is a Sanskrit word-meaning circle. It has been used for centuries in Native America, Hindu, Tibetan Buddhist and medieval Christianity as a meditative focus for spiritual transformation. A mandala is a circular symbol reflecting the inner light of the soul. Circles are found everywhere, in flowers, plants, foods, the sun, moon, and planet earth. “Each of us is part of the great mandala of creation, a mandala in the making, a mandala that we can shape with our love and live with a smile”. The art therapy retreats are informal enjoyable and are constructed in such a way that everyone will achieve a positive outcome. Even though you work as a group, Diana will make time to give you individual attention. Supporting in the workshops Diana uses psychodynamic tools, active meditations, dance, drama and the power of sound. You will learn to express your voice; it does not have to sound nice. Expressing the sounds is what you feel in that moment, releasing that helps you to find peace, happiness and power in your heart! This retreat is about creating as well as letting go of old behaviour patterns, fear, negative thinking etc, reaching deeper levels into yourself. It is about expressing what the soul needs to express, which is healing; in essence it is the expressing itself that gives fulfilment. In this art therapy retreat where you can experience happiness and light in a different way, we advise you not to drink alcohol. Please bring something symbolic to burn. The process of Art therapy makes its own dynamics- there can be no fixed program, during the therapy new insights arise, are recognised, welcomed and included.

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  • Paint from the Heart Going on a personal creative retreat is a wonderful way of giving yourself the precious gift of time to reconnect with you deepest ¨self¨. Making time where you can remember who you are and why you are here………..away from distractions and responsibilities of daily life. Many of us don’t actually make time to include creativity as part of our normal day to day lives. We tell ourselves it’s not important and allow other things to get in the way. Perhaps we cannot seem to justify making creativity a priority in our lives. Many of us get messages from the time we are small, that our individual creative expression, which is another way of saying ‘Who’ we really are, is somehow not good enough. We lose touch with our natural creative gifts and thus lose touch with that core energy that enables us to feel nourished, grounded, fully alive and connected to ourselves, earth, universe and others. It is at this point that we become blocked or stuck in our creative expression. This retreat gives you a chance to change… stop complaining…and…. undertake action…. Do It!!!! The retreat focuses on: Intuitive painting which comes from ‘Your’ heart and soul. The process of accepting and embracing what you have made/ or making is essential! The first step of embracing and loving yourself….. not destroying or covering up something which you have created. When you really start to listen to yourself and expressing this, then you get in touch with your inner world. It is at this point, we become spontaneous and in touch with our innocence. We can be intuitive and that is powerful! …and we become aware of our roots in the earth and our connection with the universe. The importance of this intuitive painting helps us to understand how we look at ourselves and the world and how we create negativity and how we are judgemental. We are trying to fit into a cultural and social idea, and with that we destroy our creativity in the same way as we destroy our painting because it’s ugly and so you hate it! How can you hate what you have created? We work in a group, which is our mirror for learning and growing and our emotional, spiritual and artistically we can find deep bonds trough the group process. The actual painting, drawing, modelling we do individually and with others. We do daily bodywork, painting, drawing, singing, movements, dancing and personal sharing. As Creativity is a very passionate source of transformation and happiness in my life, I would be happy to share this with you. Over the years I have a few books what inspires me, one of them is from Marianne Williamson, Return to love, here and there I like to use it as support to gain more insight in loving and accepting ourselves. We work in the mornings from 10.00 to 14.00 and considering the group needs in that very moment we decided to work in the afternoon together, or we work on individual base or free time. Please feel free and welcome to bring in, books, poems, songs, music- instruments! We work in a fantastic big studio from the hotel, with the pool close by to cool off or we work in the nature. There will be enough time left for walking, sightseeing, shopping, and pool. At least you have 1 day off if you would like to visit the beach or Ronda. Please contact Diana if you have interest in this retreat. You don’t need any art experience to attend this retreat, what you do need is the courage to make the creative jump in your life!!

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    • Creative Relationships As your therapist I would like to share with you that I believe relationships are meaningful because they are opportunities to expand our hearts and become more deeply loving. As a mother I believe that we cannot give to our children what we can’t give ourselves. This retreat for couples is very special. It will be a week of joy, reflecting, exploring, growing and learning. This week will give you a great creative opportunity to explore all the possibilities and potentials that your relationship has. Through making art you can experiment with new ideas, new ways of expression, and new ways of seeing yourself. If you are really open to this process then you can become aware that in every moment we have the choice to love; we have the choice to be in our light. When we feel guilt, anger, fear and negativity we cannot find that love and light. Sometimes when relationships are stuck and not functioning, and in crisis and pain we feel that we have lost hope of saving this relationship. This is the moment to be alert and to ask for help. With this creative retreat you have the opportunity to start to see your relationship in a different way, exploring it as a teaching- learning situation. First we need to let go of the past, then we can learn to forgive. Forgiving makes us free so we are able to connect more deeply and then we can heal. Relationships can be the place for healing. letting down your mask, creating intimacy through acceptance and release and finding our real nature- then your relationship can be a context where you feel safe enough to be yourself, knowing that your dark side will not be judged but be forgiven. When we become clear about what we bring from our past into the relationship then the relationship has an opportunity to grow and change. In order to stimulate this process we need to focus on our individual growth instead of focussing on the change of our partner. When we focus on accepting ourselves and our partner then our relationship becomes more transparent. To help to make you see your personal situation clearly we will do family constellation through painting and drawing. A different way of looking at your personal process and relationships is exploring and making your own masks. We will make masks we normally wear and play them out as a mirror for ourselves As we are working in this group on creating a healthy and safe place where you further explore your relationship, it’s important to be open about how you feel in your sexual relationship. In approaching this sensitive theme I would like to call your attention to the different way men and women view sexuality. Through the week we will work with non- verbal communication in group painting. It’s important during this time to pay attention to how we communicate. We will also practise during the week non- violent communication as it will help you to express what you really want to express. Relationships can transform through love but never through attack! To stimulate your creative juices, we will use different artistic tools, like painting, drawing, vocal expression, dancing, movement and drama. Painting, drawing as group will give you the benefit of seeing the work of other people, receiving responses to your own work, and experiencing the collective energy of the group. The retreat is very informal, enjoyable and constructed in such a way that everyone will achieve a positive outcome. Even though you work as a group, Diana will take time to give you individual attention. We work in the morning from 10 to 14.00 and in the afternoon you either have free time to practise what you have learned, or we will work in the group. The group size is max. 4 couples and min. 3 couples, this way there will be plenty of quality time for everybody. The process of the group and the art therapy have their own dynamic- there can be no fixed program as during the week new insights arise, are recognized, welcomed and included. Please contact Diana as she likes to talk to you first before you make the reservation.


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